Your Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions

Colonoscopy Bowel Preps: (Please select the appropriate bowel prep instructions you were given. If you are unsure, please contact our office so we can advise you of the appropriate prep.)

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A colonoscopy is a test performed to examine the mucosa (inner lining) of your colon and the most distal part of the small intestines.  It is performed by a specialized physician who received additional training.  Colonoscopies are done not only as a routine screening for colon and rectal cancer but also for a family history of some malignancies or diseases or surveillance after a previous history of cancer, polyps or colitis.

You may be asked to stop taking some of your medications before your colonoscopy.  Some medications can increase the risk of bleeding after a colonoscopy.  Coumadin, Plavix, aspirin, ibuprofen, most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, vitamin E, and fish oil can lead to bleeding.  People with diabetes may have to adjust their insulin or pill doses.  Heart medications, blood pressure medication, and lung inhalers can usually be taken without interruption.  The physician will go over any adjustments of these medications at your colonoscopy consult appointment.

Prior to your colonoscopy you will need to do a bowel prep in order to cleanse your colon, the doctor will discuss the instructions at your colonoscopy consult appointment.

The day of your colonoscopy you will need to be driven to and from your appointment.  Plan to arrive 1 hour prior to your appointment at the designated facility.  The nurses will admit you and check your vital signs.  Dr. Perryman will meet you in the room and ask you some questions before the anesthesiologist administers intravenous sedation.  The procedure will take about 30 minutes.  Dr. Perryman will talk to you and your driver and give you follow-up instructions once the procedure is completed.  A report will be sent to your primary care physician.  You will need to stay home and take it easy for the rest of the day.