Anxiety Before Your Colonoscopy?

Anxiety before your colonoscopy is not abnormal, especially if it is your first one! We would like to take a couple minutes to ease your concerns and answer a few frequently asked questions we receive about colonoscopy procedures.

  • Does a colonoscopy hurt?
  • Can my colon rupture during the procedure?
  • Why not just do one of those home tests instead? Is something like Cologuard better?

So, let’s break it down (and hopefully ease your anxiety before your colonoscopy).

  • Colonoscopies are painless, and you won’t remember it. Dr. Perryman works in tandem with a medical doctor (MD) anesthesiologist to ensure you are comfortable by gently sedating you. Sedation ensures you are not flinching or uptight, allowing Dr. Perryman to have the best view of your colon. You’ll be asleep for the entirety of your colonoscopy, and when you awaken, you’ll feel relaxed, slightly groggy, and a little hungry. The procedure itself only takes 30 minutes. After nourishing your body, you’ll probably want to take another nap. Plan on resting the rest of the day. It’s your day, and YOU are worth it. The next day you’ll be back to all normal activities, pain-free.

  • The risk of complication during a colonoscopy is very low, especially when performed by a board-certified colon & rectal surgeon such as Dr. Perryman. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the rate of colon perforation is less than 0.1 percent during a colonoscopy.

  • Caution: Home tests including Cologuard and FIT can detect colon cancer, but only a colonoscopy PREVENTS it because cancer-causing polyps are painlessly removed during the procedure. If a home test is positive, you will still need a follow up colonoscopy. Insurance companies do not typically cover the second test, potentially costing you significant out of pocket expense. Virtual colonoscopies using an X-ray technique are also available. However, you still have to prep as you do a standard colonoscopy, and if a polyp is detected you’ll likely need a colonoscopy to remove and biopsy it. Again, insurance generally does not cover the second procedure as a preventative service. And you need to prep again!

Our suggestion: Stick with the tried-and-true, gold seal COLONOSCOPY. YOU are worth it.

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