About Denver’s Top Colorectal Surgeon Dr. Lisa Perryman MD

Practice Philosophy of Colorado Colon & Rectal Specialists

Our practice is committed to treating every patient with dignity and respect and to delivering the very highest quality of professional care whether that care is surgical or non-surgical. Our goal is to treat every patient in the most effective and comfortable way and in the least invasive manner possible. Our practice is known not for the number of procedures performed on its patients, but by the quality of care given to them. Not every colon and rectal condition requires surgery. The fact is that many conditions can be treated very successfully non-surgically. When surgical procedures are required, Dr. Perryman has the expertise and experience to perform these procedures. Every week she performs surgical procedures on her patients. However, if a non-surgical alternative is feasible and medically indicated, she will pursue this mode of treatment first.

Our relationship with patients is the heart of our practice. Our practice is based upon the trust of our patients. We strive to earn that trust by putting the patient’s wellbeing first. That means that we treat our patients with courtesy and respect, we never perform unnecessary procedures; we always pursue the least invasive treatment first, consistent with good medical care; we return patient and their primary care physicians’ telephone calls promptly. This includes evenings, weekends, and while Dr. Perryman is out-of-town; we keep the patient’s primary care physician fully apprised of our treatment; we do our utmost to see patients at their scheduled appointment time; and, we will do our very best to see to it that every patient feels valued and fully informed and involved in his or her treatment. These are our promises to our patients. We consider it a privilege to help our patients who have entrusted us with their care.

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Practice Philosophy

Our relationship with patients is the heart of our practice.